Month: May 2021

Photobomb the Scenery in Tucson

Discover the best places to take Instagram photos in Tucson, AZ By Ciara Jean Tucson is known for being a college town. Because most Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34, a lot of IG pictures of Tucson are taken around campus. Don’t get me wrong, the University of Arizona is a… Read more »

Camping Made Easy in Southern Arizona

A close of the water at Patagonia Lake with the green trees reflecting back in the water.

Discover 7 can’t-miss campsites near Tucson By Ciara Jean Southern Arizona is known for its beautiful scenery. Sunsets and sunrises, mountains, saguaro cacti, and green bushes all around is what makes Southern Arizona the best place to take an overnight trip in the Sonoran Desert. Start planning your getaway under the stars with this list… Read more »