Building a Community

Employees and residents come together to make the small town of La Posada

| By Andrew Schaeffer

To those looking in from the outside, La Posada might just seem like a senior living facility. However, on this sprawling one-acre campus in Green Valley, a friendly small town community is thriving.

One of the largest employers in Green Valley/Sahuarita area, La Posada employs a diverse workforce with diverse careers. Though it is first and foremost a community for senior living, the focus on helping every aspect of the residents’ lives means many industries come together in one place. “Think of it as a small town,” Paul Loomans, director of marketing at La Posada, said. “We have everything from electricians and plumbers to chefs and caretakers. We even have our own marketing and finance departments.” And the employees like working here—in a recent survey, nearly 95% said they were satisfied or very satisfied at work.

The employees genuinely care about the residents and help ensure they have easy access to activities they enjoy. From bus rides up to Tucson to hear the symphony play to leading yoga and fitness classes, employees keep the active seniors active. Nurses are on staff to guide residents in their medical care, and forums with professional speakers are frequently organized to stimulate the residents’ minds. With all these facets of wellness addressed, not only is the standard of living higher but studies show that the life expectancy is, too.

In fact, 99% of residents reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with living at La Posada, and that’s in large part due to the caring nature of the staff.

The small town feel doesn’t stop there. With La Posada’s core goal as providing superior care to their senior residents, a big part of achieving that is by building active relationships between residents and employees. Many of the 700 residents and 600 employees are on a first name basis, and it isn’t uncommon for them to get to know one another while employees are on the clock. La Posada gives a very human relationship for its employees—which can be hard to come by in the service industry—and ensures that everyone is enjoying their day. “We’re like a big family,” Paul described. He recounted that many employees view the residents as mentors or adoptive grandparents, picking up some wisdom while they build their relationships. And this isn’t one-sided—each year residents donate to help their student worker friends pay to continue their education at Pima Community College or the University of Arizona. In 2018, more than $100,000 in scholarships was given to employees of La Posada thanks to the kindness of its residents.

Donating to scholarships isn’t the only way La Posada gives back. As a non-profit, the organization is a well-known charitable driving force the Green Valley/Sahuarita area, as well as Southern Arizona as a whole. “Well over $1 million is donated for community engagement each year,” Paul said, highlighting specifically the donations to the Sahuarita Food Bank.

Many of the facilities on campus aren’t just for La Posada residents. The Shoppes at La Posada act as a social hub for the Green Valley/Sahuarita area. In addition to volunteer-run coffee shop and a genealogy library, you’ll find many concerts and events in this area, further strengthening La Posada’s ties to its surroundings.