English Rose Skincare

Locally sourced and handcrafted in Tucson by Aesthetic Apothecary

By Stacey Gregory

More and more people are switching to organic skincare products. When in Tucson, get your hands on the English Rose skincare line by Aesthetic Apothecary. Creator Tess Robin worked with Ricky English of English Salon Spa to develop the line from locally sourced Tucson ingredients along with lavender sustainably harvested at a Bulgarian farm. The result: a complete skincare line that feels as good as it smells.

Growing up in an active family, Robin loves being out in the sun. It was important to her to design her line for everyone, but with an active lifestyle in mind. She chose rose as her main ingredient because it's moisturizing and is suited for every skin type: oily, dry, combination and aging skin can all benefit from its properties. When it came to naming the line, English Rose was the perfect fit.

“Ricky's grandmother was actually named Rose, so it has a lot of meaning for both of us,” said Robin. “Everything revolves around natural, holistic products that are all ethically and sustainably sourced, including our florals from Evergreen Flowers in Tucson."

Tess Robin and Ricky English

The line is exclusively available at English Salon Spa and is used in many of the facials offered at the shop in downtown Tucson. You can also purchase these products to take home for your self-care routine and thoughtful gifts.  

Bath Tea

Tighten your skin, prevent premature aging, and fight free radicals (reactive atoms that can damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure) with the English Rose Bath Tea. Drop the actual English Rose Tea Bag into warm water and let it steep, turning your bath water into a large tub of tea. The tea bag is made from lavender, rose, ylang ylang, and natural black and green teas. 

“Arizona has a big problem with free radicals because when your skin is sun-damaged, part of the electron actually breaks off, and it bounces around because it's not attached to anything. That's what causes the skin damage. When you have a barrier, it helps to prevent those free radicals,” explained Robin. 

Lip Balm and Lip Scrub

It’s easy to neglect your lips but even easier to care for them with the English Rose Lip Scrub and Lip Balm. Robin hand tends the duo that works together for smooth lips and fresh breath. The lip scrub is made from a honey scrub, so it’s antibacterial to prevent bad breath or any smells that might stick on the lip. The balm itself is made from a thicker beeswax, so it has staying power without weighing your lips down. Both include aloe grown right in front of the salon. 

“Face coverings can make lip health suffer, unfortunately. I started the lip products during COVID, but it works for a post-COVID lifestyle,” said Robin. 

Body Butter & Bath & Body Oil

Feed your skin by nourishing it with authentic English Rose Body Butter. According to Robin, a lot of body butters are actually falsely advertised. Body butters should be anhydrous, which means without water. Look at the ingredients on many popular body butters, and you’ll often find the first ingredient is water, not with English Rose Body Butter. 

“Moisture is great for your body, but your skin is your largest organ that needs food. We're putting a lot of vitamins and minerals, shea, and a lot of great butters in there that mixes into a really creamy, rich texture. It’s not heavy on the skin, so that you can use it day or night.”

Add in the English Rose Bath and Body Oil for even more moisture used alone or with the body butter. The versatile product can be put into a bath or used directly on the skin before applying body butter to lock in all of those good elements.

Soaps, Scrubs, and Air Fresheners

The line includes even more products, including a sugar scrub great for exfoliating, full-size bar soaps for daily use, as well as tiny cube soaps perfect for guest rooms and host gifts. Plus, Robin created air fresheners. 

“A lot of our guests were sharing that they leave their English Rose Soap in their car because it smells so good, so we developed an air freshener. It’s not made with perfume, but with oils, I extract and infuse myself,” said Robin. “These are actually a lot healthier for you because ylang ylang and sandalwood are natural purifiers. They give you a great sense of calm and Zen while you're driving, so we help to prevent road rage.” 

Ethically & Environmental Sustainability and No Preservatives 

Recycling and being ethnically, economically, and environmentally sustainable is also important to both Robin and English. All of the packaging used in the skincare line is recycled, including amber glass, which only recently became reusable and is the only preservative used in any of the products.

“I do not put sulfites or parabens into my products, so the amber glass is one of the only things that is preserving them. We also have zero plastic options for zero-waste lifestyles with our tins that come in travel size, and you can reuse and refill your jars and tins right here to reduce waste,” said Robin. 

You can get your hands on this locally produced skincare line exclusively at the first all-in-one full-service salon and day spa conveniently located in the heart of downtown, English Salon Spa, 27 N. Scott Ave., 520-777-8997.