Tucson Neighborhood Guide

With a range of price points, home styles, and locations, there's a dream Tucson neighborhood for everyone. Find yours.

Neighborhood? District? Home cluster? It's hard to decide exactly how to draw the lines around where people live. But let’s not get hung up on terminology. If you’re wondering where to live in Tucson, we’ve got an answer for you. Whether you’re drawn to desert views or you like being in the center of the action, each entry in this guide has something distinct that makes it worth considering. 

In the City

Armory Park

Armory Park may be one of the most unique neighborhoods in Tucson. This downtown-adjacent neighborhood is a blend of Barrio styled homes you’d find in nearby neighborhoods, and craftsman-style bungalows that you’d find closer to the university. Old brick, sidewalks, established trees, and even several multi-story houses define the character of this historic neighborhood. Because of this blend, there is ample opportunity for homebuyers to find a style that best suits them.

  • Median home value: $326,750
  • Nearby: Santa Rita, Barrio Viejo, Iron Horse

Barrio Hollywood

Located a bit further outside of downtown, and away from the area most Tucsonans would consider the “area around campus,” Barrio Hollywood has yet to see the wave of renovations that neighboring Menlo Park has seen. If you were to poll the community members, many of whom have lived in this area for decades (if not their entire lives), many would choose the word “proud” to describe themselves. So, if you are eying Barrio Hollywood hoping to “get in early,” you should know that while change, renovations, and redevelopment are somewhat inevitable, they are further away here than other neighborhoods; that’s not a knock on it, that’s simply how the neighborhood likes it.

  • Median home value: $163,000
  • Nearby: Menlo Park, Barrio Anita, Barrio Blue Moon

Barrio San Antonio

While being one of the smallest neighborhood designations in the whole city, Barrio San Antonio is every commuter’s dream come true. Flanked by Aviation, Kino, and Broadway, you can get to major Tucson employers located on the southside like Raytheon or Amazon, downtown spots like Caterpillar and Hexagon, or anything along Broadway/Campbell or I-10 with ease while living in a neighborhood filled with barrio and desert bungalow character.

  • Median home value: $187,121
  • Nearby: Rincon Heights, Broadmoor Broadway, Pie Allen

Barrio Santa Rosa

Located just south of Barrio Viejo, Barrio Santa Rosa maintains the classic Barrio vibe at a more approachable price, allowing young professionals and families to afford a fixer upper. That being said, with large development projects set to begin along south 6th ave, this neighborhood is taking off. Proximity to downtown, as well as parks and public transportation, make this neighborhood a great fit for those who prefer walking, bussing, and biking to driving.

  • Median home value: $275,000
  • Nearby: Barrio Viejo, Armory Park, South Tucson

Barrio Viejo

One of Tucson’s oldest neighborhoods, and damaged significantly during downtown redevelopment projects in the mid-1900s, Barrio Viejo has been feeling the love for the past couple of decades. Architects and artists, drawn to the area’s exemplary adobe homes, have ushered in a new heyday, one that features rowhouses converted to stylish mansions, modern design elements, and rain cisterns. This is a neighborhood for people who want to protect and treasure Tucson’s unique culture, and who also enjoy being able to walk or bike downtown.

  • Median home value: $325,000
  • Nearby: Barrio Santa Rosa, Armory Park, Downtown

Broadmoor Broadway

Convenient to just about anywhere you’d want to go in Tucson, Broadmoor Broadway is a fantastic little neighborhood, full of historic ranch houses, mature trees, and charm. Residents can walk to nearby Broadway Village for restaurants, grocery shopping, and yoga, and it’s just a quick drive into downtown, the University, or Tucson’s eastside. For how close this neighborhood feels to everything, large lot sizes and the Arroyo Chico waterworks project give it a feel of privacy and calm—an oasis in the middle of it all.

  • Median home value: $349,900
  • Nearby: Sam Hughes, Arroyo Chico, El Encanto

Catalina Vista

With a convenient central location, large lot sizes, and beautifully maintained historic homes, Catalina Vista is a great choice for families and anyone working at U of A or downtown. Here, you get all the benefits of living in the center of the city, while still having the perks of living in the desert. Patches of open land and large lots mean plenty of room for rabbits, owls, coyote, and even javelina to roam.  

  • Median home value: $367,125
  • Nearby: Blenman-Elm, Jefferson Park, Palo Verde


Downtown Tucson’s ongoing redevelopment efforts have resulted in several new apartment buildings. Residents who work downtown enjoy walking to work, and it’s easy to achieve a good work/life balance when you’re surrounded by great happy hour options. It’s also easy to hop on the Sun Link Streetcar and head to the U of A or the Mercado District for a change of scene. One of the perks of living in one of Tucson’s few highrises is the fantastic, unimpeded views of the four mountain ranges that surround town. Downtown also hosts some great fests, like Tucson Meet Yourself, which are in your backyard if you live downtown, so you never have to worry about parking. 

  • Median home value: $275,000
  • Nearby: Barrio Viejo, Armory Park, Dunbar Spring

Dunbar Spring

Walk through the streets of Dunbar Spring and you might feel like you’ve entered the looking glass. Artists and environmentalists have combined extreme xeroscaping, sculpture, found art, and murals to create a totally Tucson vibe. This is a great neighborhood if you want to live in a Craftsman bungalow near U of A, downtown, and Pima Community College. It’s a straight shot from here to the Tucson Mountains out west or shopping and restaurants further north. 

  • Median home value: $150,489
  • Nearby: West University, Barrio Anita, Feldman’s

El Encanto

An old neighborhood in the heart of the city, El Encanto offers the luxury of newer, northern neighborhoods with all the convenience of city life. Mansions, villas, and mature eucalyptus and palm trees line the streets, which wind their way around a central plaza. While El Encanto feels miles away from the traffic and noise of the city, in reality it's smack dab in the middle of the action. Residents live a stone’s throw from El Con Mall, Randolph Park, the Sunshine Mile, and other retail and culinary hubs. Here, you get all of the privacy and luxury with none of the commute. 

  • Median home value: $715,000
  • Nearby: El Montevideo, Poet’s Corner, Broadmoor Broadway

El Presidio

Often referred to as the “Franklin Neighborhood” thanks to the street that runs through its core, the tree lined El Presidio neighborhood is located within the small sliver of northern downtown. This neighborhood is a treasure, so if you are lucky enough to find a home for sale within its borders, you’d be wise to snag it. Where the Barrio neighborhood has a clear Spanish/Mexican feel, pioneer families heading west settled in El Presidio giving it an eclectic style all its own. Depending on when a home was built it will either have a California mission feel, or a late Victorian style complete with tall hedges and ornate gables. There are some multi-use development projects coming El Presidio’s way, all of which fall on its far eastern border.

  • Median home value: $303,500
  • Nearby: Barrio Anita, Downtown, Menlo Park


In most parts of Tucson, you really need to have a car to get around quickly and efficiently, but the Feldman’s neighborhood is one of several exceptions. Right off of two major bikeways (6th ave and 4th ave), and so close to all that 4th ave and downtown have to offer, there's a lot to do without having to take a drive. Unlike some other university and downtown-adjacent neighborhoods, Feldman's is just removed enough that residents aren’t subjected to all the late-night noise of 4th and downtown.

  • Median home value: $191,247
  • Nearby: Dunbar Spring, West University, El Cortez

Highland Vista Cinco Via

Highland Vista is a close-knit community of around 1,200 people with a community park, pool, and garden, all with activities residents regularly participate in. Most of the homes were built in the late 50s/early 60s, so the mid-century vibe is strong and makes the neighborhood very unique. People smile and wave, and most everyone knows their neighbors on a first name basis. Residents are typically young professionals, young families, and retired couples. Highland Vista has participated in Porchfest, a nationwide concert series, for the last 4 years with plans to continue. In addition to this, a few residents take part in a House Concert series—where traveling artists from all over the country give an intimate performance in someone's living room. Admission is donation based and 100% of proceeds go directly to the artist. 

  • Median home value: $200,191
  • Nearby: Poets Square, Avondale, Rosemont West

Iron Horse

Falling directly between downtown and the university, and flanking some of Tucson’s most happening districts, maybe the best descriptor for Iron Horse is “juxtaposition”—the fresh faces that ebb and flow throughout their four years at the University of Arizona, the deep running historic roots that come with being one of Tucson’s oldest neighborhoods, all the beautiful grunge of 4th Ave and the trendiness of downtown. What can’t you say about Iron Horse? Character aside, Iron Horse does boast the highest Walkability Score of any neighborhood in Tucson. Don’t let the old homes fool you; this is not a sleepy neighborhood. If you’re looking to live in Iron Horse, be ready to bring some energy.

  • Median home value: $254,980
  • Nearby: West University, Pie Allen, Rincon Heights

Keeling/Hedrick Acres

A popular residential area with parks for kids and dogs, this cluster of neighborhoods is a great jumping off point for most anything Tucson has to offer. Head north to the foothills for a mountain fix, east toward schools, businesses, and attractions, south to U of A and downtown, or west to the desert. Or, stay put and visit shops and restaurants along Campbell, including BK Tacos, Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery, Gelish Nail Salon, Sauce Pizza and Wine, and Goodness. Salpointe is on the east side of Mountain Avenue, so if you're home on a Friday night during Football season you can hear the band— a nostalgic moment for anyone who loves sporting events, community, and a good marching band. 

  • Median home value: $152,547
  • Nearby: Jefferson Park, Catalina Vista, Richland Heights

Menlo Park

This is the birthplace of Tucson. No really, it is. A small farm, located at the base of Sentinel Peak, has produced a harvest for more than 4,000 years. So, to call Menlo Park a historic neighborhood is a bit of an understatement. But, with the recent opening of Mercado San Agustin, the MSA Annex, Caterpillar’s new headquarters, and prices that are still within reach for many first time home buyers, Menlo Park is one of the Tucson’s best buys. Menlo Park provides easy access to The Loop trail along the Santa Cruz River, the Tucson Mountains, and a plethora of food options, including historic Tucson eateries like Pat's Chili Dogs and Tania's 33, where meat eaters and vegans alike will find some of Tucson’s best Mexican food.

  • Median Home Value: $145,383
  • Nearby: Barrio Hollywood, Dunbar/Spring, Barrio Anita


It’s hard to think of a reason not to live in Miramonte. The neighborhood is characterized by cute historic homes on large lots. The parks and winding streets make it feel a bit removed from the hustle and bustle, but it’s conveniently located next to many great Tucson businesses like The Loft Cinema, Bookmans, and Rum Runner. Third Street, a major bike thoroughfare that runs east to west through the city, cuts right through Miramonte, making for an easy and safe ride to U of A and downtown, as well as destinations further east. Other perks include a Free Little Library and proximity to useful things like grocery stores and gas stations.

  • Median home value: $189,903
  • Nearby: Sam Hughes, Blenman-Elm, Palo Verde

Rincon Heights

Sandwiched between the University of Arizona and the future Rio Nuevo renovations along Broadway Blvd sits the often-overlooked Rincon Heights neighborhood. You’ll find college students renting converted duplexes living next to long time residents in classic Tucson desert bungalows, and a fair share of beautiful homes waiting to be renovated. This neighborhood is poised to receive a major value bump as student housing buildings continue to spread out from campus, bringing with them new restaurants and shops. If you aren’t afraid of a little extra energy on game days, Rincon Heights, conveniently located and decently priced, definitely needs to be on your short list. 

  • Median home value: $230,000
  • Nearby: Iron Horse, Sam Hughes, Arroyo Chico

Sam Hughes

A haven of historic homes and manicured streets, Sam Hughes is one of Tucson’s most iconic neighborhoods. It’s super bike-friendly, walkable, and offers quick access to U of A, downtown, and shopping and entertainment options throughout midtown. Homes range from quaint bungalows shaded by ancient mesquites to stunning estates lined with palm trees. As if this neighborhood couldn’t be any nicer, it is also home to one of the most visited and recently updated parks in the city, Himmel Park. If you’re a sports fan, you will want to buy season tickets to the University of Arizona’s basketball and football programs. If not, you may be struck with FOMO, seeing that you’re close enough to both sporting venues to hear the cheers.

  • Median home value: $397,691
  • Nearby: Rincon Heights, Blenman-Elm, Broadmoor Broadway

West University

You’ll find just about every shape, size, and budget of desert bungalow or Victorian styled cottage in West University, but there is one thing you will not be able to avoid: students. This should not come as a surprise. If you don’t want your house to be hit by golf balls, don’t buy a home along a narrow Par 4; if you don’t want to be surrounded by college students, don’t buy a house next to a college campus. The balance between the close proximity to downtown, University of Arizona sporting events, and 4th Ave and how quiet this neighborhood can be creates the biggest draw for West University. With the addition of the SunLink Streetcar that stretches down University Blvd, you can get around with ease.

  • Median home value: $370,000
  • Nearby: Dunbar Spring, Feldman’s, Iron Horse

Peace and Quiet


In the 1980's, a group of enterprising Tucsonans set out to build Tucson Solar Village. Now known as Civano, this sustainable community has a lot to offer residents. While homes were all developed around the same time, they don’t look like typical track houses. Instead, there’s a focus on big porches and creating community through shared space. This is the place to live if you don’t care about being at the center of a big city, and would instead rather be a part of a smaller village, complete with its own small businesses, trails, parks, and events. 

  • Median home value: $255,600
  • Nearby: Hillcrest at Wingate, Rita Ranch, Saguaro Canyon

Flecha Caida Ranch Estates

We all have our reasons for living in Tucson. If yours involves mountain views and riding a horse off into postcard sunsets, you just might find your new home in the Flecha Caida neighborhood. Featuring some of the only remaining land in the foothills with large desert lots, Flecha Caida is littered with old ranch style homes on horse property. Acreage ranges from 1-5 acre lots and cannot be subdivided. Most homes were built in the 1950’s, and the families stay. If you’re lucky enough to find your dream home here, you’ll achieve the perfect balance between wild west dreamscape and the convenience of city life. While it sounds like Flecha Caida is worlds away, it’s really only a 5-10 minute drive into town. 

  • Median home value: $550,000
  • Nearby: Las Alturas, River Road Estates, Bellas Catalinas Estates

Hillcrest at Wingate

This quiet neighborhood is surrounded by nature and is a great choice for families and those who want to live near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Raytheon, or some of Tucson’s larger commercial and industrial centers. This pedestrian-friendly ‘hood has plenty of sidewalks (not always a given in Tucson neighborhoods). Nearby attractions include the Pima Air and Space Museum and the airplane boneyard, where many planes from different areas have found their final resting place. Another neighborhood fixture is the appropriately named Coyote Corridor, where at least one resident has reported seeing quite a few coyotes over the years.

  • Median home value: $179,000
  • Nearby: Civano, Groves Lincoln Park, Saguaro Canyon

Indian Ridge Estates

There is only one way in to Indian Ridge Estates: Camino Principal. But once you're in, it's like being transported to 1940s southern California. All of the houses are sprawling one-story ranch-styles, each of them unique and amazing. This is a neighborhood for those in-the-know. Also, those with some cash to burn. This neighborhood isn’t one of Tucson’s cheapest, but we imagine residents would say it’s worth the cost. 

  • Median home value: $350,000
  • Nearby: Riverbend Ranch Estates, Rancho Perdido Estates, Country Club Vista

Old Fort Lowell

This neighborhood gets its name from Fort Lowell, an army post established here in 1873. It features many beautiful, historic adobe homes and some newer homes as well. The proximity to Fort Lowell Park and the San Pedro Chapel is just one of many perks to calling this neighborhood home. 

  • Median home value: $200,545
  • Nearby: Glenn Heights, Country Club Estates, Rillito

Shadow Hills

The Catalina Foothills are home to some of Tucson’s most scenic neighborhoods.  Shadow Hills is the perfect neighborhood for those who love the plants and desert scenery, and who don’t want to live in a cookie-cutter development. It is far enough north to have great views, and it's quiet, but it doesn’t take long to drive from the U of A or downtown. 

  • Median home value: $525,000
  • Nearby: Catalina Foothills Estates, Casas Adobes, Foothill Heights

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